South East Technological University

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South East Technological University’s brand is more than a logo. It symbolises our identity, our uniqueness, our aspirations and what we want to be know for.

South East Technological University is the first technological university in south east Ireland. This gives us an exciting platform to establish our community as a centre for innovation, opportunity, and growth.
Through exceptional learning and collaboration, we aim to transform the ambitions of learners, researchers, and businesses across the south east and beyond.

Our ambition is to be a leading European Technological University and to be the anchor institution of the south east of Ireland, creating impact for the region through supporting social mobility, providing a skilled workforce, engaging in research, supporting innovation, and attracting and retaining talent.

SETU’s courses span apprenticeships to PhDs and we offer a dynamic learning experience with over 140 courses that incorporate work-based learning, student mobility, study abroad opportunities and research-led curricula. Although rooted in our region, we have many global links including membership of the European Universities Initiative, EU CONEXUS.

Undergraduate Programs